April Newsletter

Newsletter April 2016

Last month saw our first Highland competition of the year which was held in Forres. Although Inverness had only 19 students competing we still managed to get the most medals with 12 Gold, 7 Silver and 12 Bronze. Well done to all who took part.

Scott Kenyon , Mia & Maddison Croall are traveling to Ravenscraig Motherwell next weekend for the ITF Scotland National Championships. Good luck from the entire club!

Next comp is the MSBA championships on the 21st of May again in Ravenscraig. Entry forms available from your instructor now.

Mantis (Manage Any Nasty Trouble In Society)
March has seen the end of our first Mantis anti bullying course. This was a great success not only in our gym but also in St.Josephs primary school and Fortrose Academy where we did a more adult approach to the system. Mantis is Manage Any Nasty Trouble In Society and teaches kids how to get out of situations..fast and safe! Another course will be starting soon so if you know anyone who would benefit from this please put them in touch with us. £79.99 for an 8 week course including a DVD to practice with at home!
We are also looking for sponsors to help us give some free spaces to kids who are not so fortunate. Many thanks to Subway and Highland Copiers who provided places on the last course.

bullying, kids
Anti bullying for kids

European Championships
Master D will be away the last week of April with his position of Chairman of the AETF Tournament & Umpire Committee to help run the Euros in Tampere Finland. Any Black belts and senior grades that are available to help that week with classes please let Master D know asap. http://www.tkdeuros2016.fi/
Apologies for the confusion caused by the stewards at the Inverness Half Marathon. We have sent an email regarding this to the organisers but no reply from them as yet. They had no right to deny access to here as we are a private building and car park and some people just get power crazy with a Hi Viz jacket.

Next time be like our Black belts and switch the engine off and refuse to move until they let you in! (you might get arrested but?????)
3 Masters Seminar
This was held at Milburn Academy on Saturday 26th March where over 60 students attended the course with Masters Sutherland, Thompson and Dunbar. Great effort put in by all attending followed by the Black Belt exam on the Sunday with 16 people trying for 1st to 4th Degree. Congratulations to Scott Kenyon who was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt.

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