Welcome to Taekwondo Forres

Our studio is located on the outskirts of Forres in a state of the art, full time facility complete, with a 150 sq. meter fully matted training area. There is also a large viewing area, changing facilities, plenty of parking and much more…

At the centre you will find professionally taught martial arts classes for children, teenagers and adults as well as Pilates and fitness classes that run each week. As the longest running Martial arts and fitness centre in the Forres area, the centre truly represents something that the community of Forres can be proud of.

Forres Taekwon-do Club (as it was then known) was formed in 1983 and was based in the Town Hall for 23 years before moving into the present full time facility in West Road. Chief Instructor and owner, Master Dunbar has 35 years’ of experience in Taekwon-do and its teaching. As a teacher, he also never stops learning and continuously strives to develop the best Martial arts experience possible for all members.

Adults, children and teenagers all enjoy dedicated classes and training. In the children’s and teenagers classes, youngsters learn to make great decisions for their future, become more self-confident, and develop into successful well rounded adults. This obviously gives parents greater peace of mind! They know, that at TKD Sport Forres, their child’s physical and future development is in safe hands.

The grown ups get to learn fantastic new physical skills, become fitter and healthier while enjoying meeting new friends and getting involved in the social side of Martial arts. Over the years we have seen many students come and go with many still returning on a regular basis when they are on holiday; maybe not to train but just popping in to catch up with old friends. We are proud to say that many of our students, that have continued training, have opened their own schools and are now passing on their knowledge gained up here all over the world.

With Master D’s involvement with ITF at International level, the Forres club is well known abroad as he continually talks about the evolution of Taekwon-do in the North of Scotland. Many of the students have competed for Scotland at International level at Championships in Argentina, Russia, Canada, Europe & the UK.

You too can be part of this club; the hardest part of starting is walking through the door for the first time.

Our door is always open, you won’t regret coming through it. So take that first step; the first step on your martial arts journey and give us a call today, we’ll be glad to help!