July Newsletter 2106

Summer Classes
All classes will now be on a Monday and Thursday in Inverness for the summer holiday period. Classes will be at normal times but there will be no classes on a Tuesday and Thursday. Sunday classes will amalgamate and start at 10 am. This ensures all classes will be busy when some are away on holiday. Students can wear TKD bottoms and t-shirts during the holidays but shirts must be either plain with no logos or club TKD ones.

Kids Camps
Next Kids camp will be on the 15th of August.

Summer Camp
We are hosting a weekend summer camp on the 22nd-24th July. Camp starts on the Friday night with arrival from 6 pm onward and finishes at 12 noon on Sunday. Students can stay over in the gym Friday and Saturday. Various instructors will be coming to take part in this event which includes outdoor activities as well as TKD training inside and out! Open to 10 years old and above and more details will be available soon.

Competitor Development Training
Next session is on the 16th of July at 10 am in Forres studio. Full sparring kit is required for each session.

Scott Kenyon
Congratulations to Mr. Scott Kenyon on his promotion to 1st Degree Black Belt. He didn’t hang about and won 3 Gold,1 Silver and 1 Bronze in his first 2 competitions. Well done Mr.Kenyon!

Sparring Gloves
We have a delivery of Kids gloves in stock that we got at a discounted price so you can now get them at £20!

Competition Success
Well done to Mia and Madison Croall on their success at MSBA competition in Motherwell . Aya Morrison also took part and did really well in her first big event although not in the medals this time.

Master D was promoted to 8th Degree at the International Instructors Course in Warsaw Poland last month.The exam took place on the second of the three day course conducted by GM Marano, GM Lan and GM Weiller. All aspects were tested with Patterns, Step sparring, Self-defence and Free sparring along with theory questions and submitting a thesis.

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